The new coordinates in the switch cabinet

With the CrossBoard®, Wöhner creates an entirely new system that combines the advantages of a high-performance busbar system with the traditional wiring on a DIN rail. In addition to the previous widths of 225 mm and 405 mm, the CrossBoard® is now also available in seven other widths that correspond to the common cabinet widths.


With its standard interface and the new versions that have been optimally adapted to the common cabinet widths, the CrossBoard® is the compact, out-of-the-box, power distribution system for the future of control technology.


The advantages


The consistent front and rear touch-safe protection according to IP20 offers a high level of safety that enables the creation of a power distribution system in accordance with standards DIN EN IEC 61439 and UL 508.


The components are snapped onto the CrossBoard® without the use of tools; the connection is thereby established automatically. The integrated reverse polarity protection prevents errors during mounting. The simple plug-in mounting is also suitable for automated assembly.


The individual components fit not only on the CrossBoard®, but also other typical busbar systems such as the 60Classic and 30Compact through the use of CrossLink®adapters. As an open system, the CrossBoardⓇ is compatible with components from other manufacturers.


The CrossBoard® is a complete, out-of-the-box system that saves users a great deal of time when it comes to mounting: Simply unpack, mount in a single step and immediately start plugging in the components.

All functions – one system

The CrossBoard® is the modular and open basic system for power distribution in control technology.


Our new lines of latitude

The different versions of the CrossBoard offer the right width for every application in a centralised or decentralised switch cabinet.

In addition to the previous widths of 225 mm and 405 mm, the CrossBoardⓇ is now also available in seven other widths from 500 mm to 1100 mm – in increments of 100 mm – that correspond to the common cabinet widths.

The current carrying capacity, which has been increased to 160 A, enables the use of a number of attachments, such as 31, 2.6 A electronic motor starters over 700 mm.


System expansion with CrossBar®

In future, the CrossBoard power distribution system can be expanded to a 4- and 5-pole system with the new CrossBar®. The CrossBar® is simply plugged into the basic system. In this way, the N and PE conductors can be integrated into the system in a suitable and touch-safe manner.

The CrossBar® can be used in different lengths independently of the basic system. Single mounting is also possible. In the future, the CrossBar® will provide the user with even more diverse options for the individual construction of his compact and safe power distribution.

Mounting at lightning speed

Time is money – and that's true as well when setting up power distribution systems. With the CrossBoard®, mounting is very simply realized and can be performed without the use of any tools.* This applies both for mounting the CrossBoard in the cabinet as well as for mounting the components on the CrossBoard®.


The CrossBoard® is delivered as an out-of-the-box system and can be clicked onto the tall (35 × 15 mm) or flat (35 × 7.5 mm) DIN rail.

* applies to the widths of 225 mm and 405 mm


Screw mounting

The CrossBoard® can also be screwed directly to a mounting plate. Suitable openings simplify mounting here as well.

The components can be easily clicked onto the CrossBoard® without the use of tools. Both the mechanical fastening and electrical connection are performed in a single step. The integrated reverse polarity protection prevents errors during mounting.

The components can easily be dismounted and again snapped onto another location on the CrossBoard®. For safety reasons, the interlock can only be released for disassembly with a screwdriver. This prevents a component from being removed accidentally.


Power on the rear side, space on the front side

The CRITO® feed and fastening module creates additional usable space on the CrossBoard®.* The entire feed can be covered, and mounting can be optimally adapted to the conditions in the switch cabinet.


Thanks to the modular structure of the CrossBoard, the rear connection can be established over the entire width in increments of 100 mm. The feed can thus be realized as an end or centre feed.

The connection module can be used as a top or bottom connection. In addition, there is a model for looping through and connecting two CrossBoards.

The large terminal space offers a connection area for round conductors up to 120 mm2, including those with common wire-end ferrules and for laminated copper up to 15.5 mm.

* not valid for the widths of 225 mm and 405 mm



The plug-and-play technology of the rear-side connection module enables no-tool mounting and electrical connection from behind in a single step. By means of the latching mechanism with park position, the CrossBoard® can easily be dismounted by one person independent of the width.


Out-of-the-box – and onto the Lütze frame

The CrossBoard® and the AirSTREAM system from Lütze perfectly complement one another and set new standards for increasing the efficiency and order in the switch cabinet. This modular system along with accessories enables a targeted airflow, the reduction of thermal hotspots and the sustainable optimization of the switch cabinet. Numerous Lütze accessories, e.g., wiring strips, wire holders, AirBLADES, etc., can be mounted directly on the CrossBoard®.


Cross-beam mounting

Using brackets, the CrossBoard® can be quickly and easily mounted on the AirSTREAM system with just a few hand movements.



The product portfolio includes components for all necessary functionalities: feeding – fuse-free and fuse-carrying – adapters for switching device comb inations from various manufacturers as well as a variety of electronic switching devices. With respect to the current carrying capacity, the CrossBoard® is now even more powerful with 160 A.