The new dimension of motor starters

The MOTUS®C14 electronic motor starter sets new standards when it comes to the safety of machines and systems: Fuseless short-circuit protection that switches off the machine or system 100 to 1000 times faster in the event of a fault than a conventional fuse-link or a circuit breaker and allows it to be switched back on afterwards.


The extremely fast short-circuit handling is enabled by the revolutionary C14 technology with which Wöhner is for the first time pursuing an electronic solution for a motor starter. In addition, the new MOTUS®C14 convinces with space savings, integrated communication and measurement technology as well as an interactive, intuitive operating concept.

Among the various application scenarios for the MOTUS®C14 are now also the 1-phase switching of motors (either one 3-phase motor or up to three 1-phase motors).

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The advantages

Lightning fast

Extremely fast short-circuit handling: In the event of an error, shutdown occurs in 10 microseconds. The MOTUS®C14 thus reacts more quickly than any fuse – and does so with minimal let-through energy.

Intrinsically safe

Due to the extremely fast shutdown in the event of a short circuit and the associated low I2t value, the device is loaded only minimally.


The MOTUS®C14 opens extensive possible uses of communication and measurement data to users, from readable service, measurement technology and maintenance data to diagnostic data about motor and busbar to self-diagnosis of the device and data-logging functions. The simple parametrization and an intuitive, interactive operating concept round out the intelligent functions of the MOTUS®C14.

Can be switched on again

After rectifying an error, such as the correction of a short circuit, the load can be switched back on again. The user acknowledges the error message as rectified and can immediately restart the end device.


Through the compact construction and innovative Wöhner design, the MOTUS®C14, with a width of just 22.5 mm, can reduce installation space by 75% compared to the previous construction of motor starters. An adaptive ventilation concept ensures reliable ventilation in the smallest spaces.

Fuseless short-circuit protection that can be switched on again

The MOTUS®C14 electronic motor starter covers various application areas and makes controls convenient and safe. It switches 3-phase motors up to 3 kW or up to three 1-phase motors in the cabinet against the neutral conductor or in the star point. Among its many different applications are use as a direct and soft starter for motors (IE2, IE3 and IE4), reversing and soft starter for motors (IE2, IE3 and IE4) as well as a heating controller for machines.



Forward-looking diagnostic data

Users receive all necessary data for monitoring operation and diagnosing faults via the communication interfaces, even in remote operation:


Reading out via USB and IO-Link Interface

  • Service data
  • Measurement technology data
  • Maintenance data

System Environment Diagnosis: Motor

Motor startup:

  • Check supply cables to the motor
  • Check whether load is present

Motor operation:

  • Check for asymmetrical load
  • Check for overcurrent through mechanical overload, wear or shorted coil


System Environment Diagnosis: Busbar

  • Overvoltage
  • Undervoltage
  • Phase failure


  • During commissioning
  • When restarting after a short circuit
  • In the event of excess temperature in the device

Data Logging

  • Access to internal real-time data: current, voltage, power
  • Number of short circuits
  • Last fault messages
  • Last warning messages
  • Last process data on switch-off
  • Data analysis, e.g., for preventative maintenance

Easy operation, simple parameterization

In the event of a fault, icons immediately indicate which error occurred. The arrow buttons can be used to perform parameterization directly on the device (CONNECT PLUS).


Interactive operating concept

The interactive menu navigation of the commissioning wizard simplifies the input of the parameters and immediately detects errors. As a result, an incorrect combination of parameters is reduced to a minimum. Clear signalling on the display as well as colour LEDs at various positions on the device make the MOTUS®C14 easy to understand and operate.


Device versions


The premium version is available with currents of 2.6 A and 6.6. A. It can be used for motors IE2, IE3 and IE4 as direct and reversing starter or for switching 1-phase or 3-phase resistive loads. Parametrization can be performed directly on the device using the display and the arrow buttons. Via the communication interface, the device can be directly integrated in the PLC controls and can output measurement data.

In addition, the MOTUS®C14 is available in various versions for the individual basic systems (CrossBoard®, 30Compact, 60Classic, Panel).



Easy to mount and dismount

The simple, tool-free mounting via the CrossLink® interface also makes life easy for users. The MOTUS®C14 can thereby establish contact on all basic systems. In addition, the product series is equipped with a pluggable load connection and a pluggable connection for classic control or IO-Link wiring.


The MOTUS®C14 product series can directly establish contact on the CrossBoard® and, with the CrossLink® adapter, can also easily be integrated in the 30Compact, 60Classic and Panel systems and – via the EQUES®185Power basic system adapter –in the 185Power system.

Furthermore, the innovative basic technology of the MOTUS®C14 can be freely incorporated in other solutions – for entirely new possibilities, e.g., in machine construction.


„With the MOTUS®C14 – an entirely new generation of motor starters – we have realized what our customers wish for in the plant and machine construction of the future: intuitive user guidance, integrated communication and measurement technology and a fuseless short-circuit protection that can be switched on again.“ — Philipp Steinberger, CEO Wöhner


A separate service tool for MOTUS®C14 simplifies commissioning, parameterization and data logging for users. The software can be downloaded after completing a brief registration.


The ServiceTool offers the following functionalities:


  • Commissioning and setting of the parameters
  • Manual control of the drive
  • Import and export of data

System software:

  • Device connection via USB-C interface
  • Software updates for MOTUS®C14 – only possible via USB-C interface for security reasons
  • Download available for Windows 10 or macOS

Use the ServiceTool for the MOTUS®C14 as a convenient tool for a number of tasks, such as the management of warning and fault messages (reading out the history for error analysis, faster fault isolation and troubleshooting), manual operation for the manual control of the drive (right – left – off, soft start) and data logging (display of data for preventative maintenance and early fault detection, displays of current process data such as current, voltage and power).

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Further information

Further information as well as videos, product demonstrations and application cases can be found on the product page for the MOTUS®C14 electronic motor starter.

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