With the new Value Added Services division, Wöhner is consistently expanding its product portfolio and offering customers real added value: whether new performance features for existing electronic components via feature upgrades, individual control cabinet and component planning by our design-in experts or further services such as configurator, ServiceTool and more.



Feature upgrades as a Value Added Service

With the functional expansion of products and systems via software, Wöhner is taking the next consistent step on the path to digitalisation.

The MOTUS®C14 electronic motor starter and the new CrossMT measurement technology module are adapted to various applications by means of feature upgrades and thus receive new functionalities. The adaptation is software-based, takes place via the Wöhner ServiceTool and enables the continued use of the existing basic device.


The advantages


Since each application has its own requirements and basic conditions, a modular system is advantageous. With the help of feature upgrades as software modules, electronic Wöhner products can be customised to the application – with one or more additional functions.


The activation of the feature upgrade and the subsequent configuration and parameterisation of the added functionalities are carried out via the Wöhner ServiceTool. In the case of the MOTUS®C14, the settings can also be made directly via the display and the buttons on the unit.


The electronic products MOTUS®C14, OMUS®C14 and CrossMT are continuously provided with firmware updates to ensure safe and efficient operation. New feature upgrades to extend the range of functions can also be applied to existing units, eliminating the need to replace units and conserving resources.

Customised solutions for your application

Wöhner's existing electronic products bring sophisticated measurement and communication solutions to your system. For additional functions that increase efficiency, safety and comfort in operation in special applications, Wöhner now provides feature upgrades. These can be purchased as software modules as required and installed on the respective basic unit – very simply and intuitively. In this way, the product level, system level and application level can be better linked and coordinated.


MOTUS®C14 electronic motor starter

  • 3-phase soft start: soft starter, reversing starter, protective device and measuring technology on 22.5 mm



Measurement technology module

  • Measurement+: Extension of measured values and thresholds
  • Fuse monitoring: The world's slimmest disconnector becomes more intelligent
  • Motor management: The classic motor starter-contactor combination goes digital
  • Feed quality: Monitoring and control of the central feeding



Electronic motor starter MOTUS®C14


The feature upgrade “soft start” includes the 3-phase phase cut of the input voltages to reduce the starting torque of a motor. The average voltage at the motor is reduced, which also results in a reduced starting current.

As a result, the motor starts with a torque below its nominal torque and can be started smoothly. Less mechanical stress on the motor and less stress on the power grid during start-up are the direct, positive effects.

Wöhner thus combines all C14 features with soft start, reversing start, fuse and motor protection in one product – on a minimal 22.5 mm width. Configuration is convenient and intuitive via the Wöhner ServiceTool.

Measurement technology module CrossMT

The CrossMT offers the possibility of measuring current, voltage and temperature of all phases of the device and passes them on via IO-Link. In addition, the basic version has the option of reading in three digital inputs via IO-Link and driving two outputs with a maximum current of 2 A each.

The CrossMT offers intrinsic device protection against temperature and under-/overvoltage of the applied 24 V control voltage.



The feature upgrade “Measurement+” expands the available measured values of the CrossMT to include active power, reactive power, apparent power and the power factor of the surface-mounted device. The user also has the option of setting threshold values via IO-Link or the Wöhner ServiceTool and thus detecting undervoltages/overvoltages of the 230 V network and undercurrents/overcurrents of the connected load. This allows a quick and direct reaction via the outputs.

Fuse monitoring

The feature upgrade “Fuse monitoring” opens up the possibility of monitoring the fuse state of a mounted fuse holder. This makes the world's slimmest disconnector, the QUADRON® NH fuse-switch- disconnector, size 000, more intelligent - in a width of only 49.5 mm. The CrossMT notifies the user as soon as a fuse has blown or is about to blow. In addition, the condition and health of the fuse can be monitored.

Motor management

The feature upgrade “Motor management” gives the CrossMT the possibility to connect a contactor-reversing combination via its auxiliary outputs and inputs and to use the CrossMT as a motor protection switch including adjustable tripping characteristic. Together with the EQUES® adapter the classic motor starter combination is realised on the 45 mm width and brought into the present via the measuring technology of the CrossMT. The combination can be fused either as a group fuse via the feeder module or via a double device carrier and the use of classic fuse holders.

Feed quality

The feature upgrade “feed quality” monitors the feed quality of an installed CRITO® connection module. In addition to the rotary field detection of the feeding, this includes the measurement of the input frequency and the energy flowing into the system. Via the available outputs on the CrossMT, it is possible to react directly, if a self-selected threshold value is exceeded and, for example, to switch the main switch. Ultimately, this significantly increases safety for people and the system.



Design-In at Wöhner: Get individual component planning now.




The ServiceTool offers the following functionalities:

  • Commissioning and setting of parameters
  • manual control of the drive
  • Import and export of data