The CrossBoard® goes digital

With the electronic measurement technology module CrossMT, Wöhner completes its entry into the digitalisation of its successful basic system, CrossBoard®. In combination with a wide range of applications, the CrossMT adds intelligent functions and connectivity for various components in the cabinet.


The CrossMT measures current, voltage and temperature and derives additional quantities from these values such as power, energy, phase angle and frequency and can then output this data over various communication interfaces (USB-C, digital inputs/outputs, IO-Link). Status LEDs on the top and bottom of the device provide users with a clear overview.


The advantages


The new CrossMT enables the measurement of important parameters at a number of different locations in the cabinet. Users can thereby perform fuse monitoring and draw conclusions about various quantities, such as feed quality, motor state, and energy and current consumption.


The low energy consumption of the CrossMT provides a substantial and direct contribution to technical sustainability. The analysis and early detection of maintenance-dependent parameters such as the phase angle increase the availability of the system through the timely replacement or repair of mounted components.


Based on the measured data and the teach-in function, the actual state is compared with the target state, thus enabling predictive maintenance. Users gain extensive knowledge about the processes in their solution and can take proactive measures in the event of anomalies.


The CrossLink® interface at the front allows various add-on devices from the CRITO®, EQUES® or QUADRON® product series to be used. Via feature upgrades, software-based functionality extensions, the CrossMT can be tailored to the respective application as required.

Your cabinet can do more

The fully electronic and intelligent technology module CrossMT is suitable for numerous application scenarios and provides users with extensive information. Primary areas of application are:


  • Measurement of feeds (EXAMPLE: under CRITO® 45 mm / 22.5 mm) for determining the mains quality, mains stability and energy consumption
  • Measurement at a secured outgoing terminal (EXAMPLE: under QUADRON® NH000 49.5 mm) for fuse monitoring (Did the fuse trip? To what extent is the fuse being utilised?) and monitoring of the current at the outgoing terminal
  • Measurement in combination with a motor protection switch (EXAMPLE under EQUES® 45 mm): for determining key motor characteristics (phase angle, harmonic content, fault currents) and for drawing conclusions about the motor state (enabling predictive maintenance)

Following the market launch of our MOTUS®C14 intelligent electrical motor starter, intelligence and connectivity have now also become reality in the EQUES®, CRITO® and QUADRON® basic components from Wöhner. The measurement module is, however, designed so as to be supplier independent and can also be used in combination with devices from other manufacturers.


Measure, analyse, visualise, communicate, react

The measurement of the parameters that are important for the customer process, such as current and voltage, is performed using shunt measurement technology. All relevant applications areas up to 100 A and 600 V AC can thereby be covered – from feeding via individual outgoing terminals to fuses and loads. The current and voltage values can thereby be output directly and, if desired, in real time.


The analysis of the quantities derived from the measurement values, such as the phase angle or power, is performed by the CrossMT itself. Configuration takes place via the USB-C interface with the help of the ServiceTool from Wöhner. The evaluation of current and voltage in the case of motor loads provides information about the service state as well as about pending maintenance.

The visualisation of operating states such as "OK" or warning and fault messages is performed by means of different-coloured status LEDs (white, green, yellow, red) on the respective ends of the device. As a result, the light indication is also easily visible in the installed state. If service is required, the affected CrossMT is easy to find in the open switch cabinet. With the help of the ServiceTool, measurement data and derived quantities can be displayed in a user-defined manner.

The data are communicated to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or a control room via the IO-Link communication protocol or, in the future, also by means of a TCP/IP interface via Modbus TCP. The adjustable threshold values and trigger events enable a high data quality by transmitting the relevant data either in real time or in coordinated data packets.

The reaction of the CrossMT occurs either on the command of the PLC or decentrally in the measurement technology adapter itself by, e.g., switching motor protection switches or relays via the digital inputs and outputs.


Unit variants

For the product launch, the completely new CrossMT is available in the version with a device width of 45 mm for the CrossBoard® basic system (rear side: CrossBoard interface; front side: CrossBoard interface).

Adapters are available for other basic systems.


Typical CrossBoard® – effortless mounting

As with all CrossBoard® components, the 45 mm wide CrossMT is snapped onto the basic system simply and tool-free with a direct connection. In a single step, the device is mechanically secured and an electric connection established. The installation of all mounted components is just as simple, as the front side of the CrossMT functions in turn as a CrossBoard® interface.


For the likewise very fast removal of CrossBoard® components, a screwdriver is needed for safety reasons, thereby ensuring that components are not removed accidentally.

The measurement technology module is also suitable for mounting on the 60Classic and 30Compact basic systems and – via the EQUES®185Power basic system adapter – on the 185Power 185-mm busbar system.



With the CrossMT, Wöhner presents a completely new product category that expands the CrossBoard® system environment and complements existing components that are not equipped with their own intelligence and connectivity with significant functionalities. Like the entire CrossBoard® basic system, the CrossMT can be used independent of supplier and can thus be combined with both Wöhner products and with products from other manufacturers.

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