Measuring and monitoring modules for the control cabinet

Holistic measuring and monitoring solutions from Wöhner

Wöhner is expanding its range of measurement technology products with new modules for control cabinet monitoring and is now covering the entire measurement chain: measuring, analysing, visualising, communicating, responding.

The new products are available for the DIN rail and direct installation in the control cabinet door. They round off the Wöhner measurement technology that includes the fully integrated solutions MOTUS®C14 and OMUS®C14 as well as the measurement technology module CrossMT.


The advantages


From cost-optimised measurement at central locations, such as feeding points, through to monitoring the entire control cabinet: The new modules give you complete control over your system by mapping the entire measurement chain.


The devices can be integrated into all Wöhner basic systems and into the Wöhner cosmos. Mounting takes place right on the DIN rail or by means of our tried-and-tested adapters. In the first step, current transformers provide the measuring values in the application, connecting our electronic devices CrossMT, MOTUS®C14 and OMUS®C14 will be possible via Modbus TCP.


Configuration, commissioning and operation of the new components takes place conveniently and collectively via the application software on the PC or right on the device via defined buttons. The large and clear displays guide the user through the menu.


The new modules speak many languages with Ethernet, RS485, USB interfaces and the most commonly used communication protocols. It is also possible to configure internal connections via a proprietary standard and thus minimise the wiring effort.

Multifunction measuring devices

Die The MIEZ multifunction measuring devices measure current, voltage, power, energy and derived variables and, as entry-level devices, provide a cost-effective monitoring option for front panel installation. ​

The various versions differ in terms of operating voltage and available communication interfaces.


The MIEZ power analysers contain all the functions of the multifunction measuring devices, but also offer numerous options for creating more transparency in the control cabinet.

In the front panel or on the mounting rail, they analyse and monitor the voltage and power quality, communicate via standard interfaces such as MODBUS-TCP and -RTU and show the user the most important parameters and values directly via the brilliant color display.

With extensive evaluation options and the integrated memory, the MIEZ power analysers enable holistic energy management, especially in connection with the 37100 current expansion module.​

Additional functionalities such as power quality according to EN 50160 and detailed oscillogram evaluations can also be added via feature upgrades.​

Current expansion module

In combination with the power analyser 37010, the MIEZ current extension module enables monitoring of the entire control cabinet and complex systems.

With twelve current measurements per module and the option of connecting up to five modules with the power analyser 37010, up to 60 1-phase or 20 3-phase outgoing connections can be measured and monitored.

The communication and power supply of the modules takes place via an internal protocol and can be easily connected with a conventional patch cable (RJ-45).​

Everything at a glance

The various MIEZ monitoring modules give you a clear overview at all times. They serve as a collection point for all data in the cabinet, evaluate them and pass on the analyses to the user. Connected with current transformers (1 A,  5 A, 333 mV), they take care of measuring current and voltage, analyse active, apparent and reactive power, the power factor, harmonics and much more –  all compact and customised.


The various products enable the realisation of a wide range of applications:

  • monitoring specific points, e.g. the centre feed unit through to monitoring the entire power distribution
  • cost-optimised or with an emphasis on total performance
  • with or without integrated storage capacity
  • always with a display for working on site, as well as a strong communicator for the control centre

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