Time to Switch



With the SECUR®UltraLiner, Wöhner sets new standards and closes an important gap in the CrossBoard® portfolio. With the switch-disconnector fuses, cable outlet can now be protected with cylindrical fuses type 10x38, Class CC as well as D01/ D02 and switched under load. 

In addition to the striking design and the minimal overall width of only 22.5 mm, the new SECUR®UltraLiner convinces with additional variants with fuse monitoring and thus offers a suitable solution for all applications, which can be safely conducted, switched and secured in the smallest possible space - and it can be used internationally.


The Advantages


The SECUR®UltraLiner is the first fuse switch for busbar systems according to the the UL 98 standard for Class CC fuses. This results in a wide range of possible applications. 


Thanks to its compact construction and innovative product design, the SECUR®UltraLiner, with a width of only 22.5 mm, finds its place in any application. 


The innovative spring-loaded technology with snap-in position makes installation quick and easy. The standardized CrossBoard® interface allows applications to be set up quickly.


The SECUR®UltraLiner offers the possibility to use D01, D02, 10x38 and Class CC fuses with the same housing dimensions. This gives the user maximum flexibility in the application.


The SECUR®UltraLiner expanded the CrossBoard® portfolio by a fuse carrying outgoing connection and offers a suitable solution for all applications where currents have to be safely conducted, switched and fused.

A possible fuse failure is signaled to the user by the integrated LED indicator.


The different versions of the SECUR®UltraLiner allow the installation of D01 or D02 fuses, both of which can be used in the same device via gauge rings, as well as of cylindrical fuses of size 10x38 and fuses of type Class CC according to UL standard.

In addition, fuse monitoring variants are available, which can report the fuse failure to a higher-level control system via a control plug.



Like all CrossBoard® components, it is snapped onto the base system simply and without tools by means of direct contacting. The device is mechanically attached and electrically contacted in same step. In addition, the SECUR®UltraLiner offers intuitive operation for inserting and removing the fuses, which can be done by hand or with a control cabinet key.  The innovative spring-loaded technology with snap-in mechanism allows easy and quick mounting of most cable types up to a size of 16mm² with all common wire-end ferrules at the bottom of the device.