Switch technology of the next generation

The OMUS®C14 electronic switch is the new top model of the OMUS® device class developed by Wöhner specifically for the precise switching of resistive loads at high frequency, e.g., during heating processes. The new OMUS®C14 switches 1-phase and 3-phase loads at up to 20 Hz and simultaneously offers all advantages of the innovative C14 technology, which enables an extremely fast shutdown in the event of a fault and easy restarting after the fault has been rectified.

The electronic switch solutions from Wöhner with the revolutionary C14 technology also convince with space savings, integrated communication and measurement technology as well as an interactive, intuitive operating concept on the device itself and with the ServiceTool.





The advantages


Fast switching of 1-phase and 3-phase resistive loads up to 2.6 A or 6.6 A, in semiconductor mode with high switching frequency of up to 20 Hz.


Thanks to C14 technology, the new OMUS®C14 switches off extremely fast in the event of a fault. The electronic, fuseless protection enables significantly faster shutdown times – short circuits are no longer something to be afraid of.


After rectifying a problem that has occurred, the OMUS®C14 can immediately be switched back on again; downtimes are kept to a minimum. Moreover, the narrow equipment width of just 22.5 mm in the new Wöhner design ensures a clear overview and more space in the cabinet.


The innovative measurement technology of the C14 technology offers extensive possible uses of communication and measurement data, from readable service, measurement technology and maintenance data to diagnostic data about the system environment and self-diagnosis of the device and data-logging functions.


The interactive operating concept of the C14 series is based on fully intuitive user guidance. A separate ServiceTool simplifies commissioning, parameterization and data logging for users. During operation, clear signalling on the display as well as colour LEDs at various positions on the device make the OMUS®C14 easy to understand and operate.

Unmatched in hot situations

The OMUS®C14 is at home wherever the task at hand relates to starting, controlling and monitoring resistive loads, e.g., mould heating. Its core competence is fast switching with a switching frequency of up to 20 Hz, 1-phase and 3-phase, as well as the extremely fast shutdown in the event of problems and the subsequent ability to be switched back on.


An intelligent communication interface provides users with all necessary data for monitoring operation and diagnosing faults, even in remote operation. The intelligent functions of the C14 series, the ease of use and parametrization as well as the interactive operating concept of the OMUS®C14 are based on the likewise new MOTUS®C14 electronic motor starter.




Eight versions

The OMUS®C14 CONNECT PLUS is currently available in two variants (2.6 A and 6.6 A) and in four different versions for the individual basic systems from Wöhner (CrossBoard®, 30Compact, 60Classic, Panel). The CONNECT PLUS addition to the name for the innovative C14 devices from Wöhner indicates the version with IO-Link and display.

Other variants for higher currents up to 9 A are in the planning stage.

Simple mounting and dismounting

The simple, tool-free mounting via the CrossLink® interface makes life easier for users. For example, the OMUS®C14 can establish contact on all basic systems. In addition, the product series is equipped with a pluggable load connection and a pluggable connection for classic control or IO-Link wiring.

The OMUS®C14 product series can directly establish contact on the CrossBoard® and, with the CrossLink® adapter, can also easily be integrated in the 30Compact, 60Classic and Panel systems and – via the EQUES®185Power basic system adapter –in the 185Power system.

Furthermore, the innovative basic technology of the MOTUS®C14 can be freely incorporated in other solutions – for entirely new possibilities, e.g., in machine construction.



Convenient basic systems from Wöhner

The OMUS®C14 can be used together with all basic systems from Wöhner with their wide selection of electrotechnical components: System CrossBoard®, System 30Compact, System 60Classic, System 185Power and Panel. The easy-to-mount EQUES®185Power basic system adapter is available for bridging the CrossBoard® and 185Power systems and combines these two system environments. Everything fits together and saves users time during the planning and mounting of their solutions.