Growth in the switch family

With the new CAPUS® S32 and CAPUS® BB32 series of switches, Wöhner strengthens its line of CAPUS®Panel switches with two powerful new additions.


The new CAPUS®S32 switch-disconnectors complement the line of Wöhner Panel products with updated technical features and extensive accessories. The new CAPUS®Panel BB32 changeover switches use the same technology as the S32 load switches. With a significant amount of versions as well as possible special versions, the new programme covers an exceptionally broad range of applications.



The advantages

Visible contacts

All devices of the CAPUS®Panel switch family are characterized by the transparent covers and visible contacts.


All devices are certified in accordance with IEC as well as approved in accordance with EAC and CCC. Consequently, the products can be used worldwide.


In addition to the wide range of different versions of the new switches, we can also implement special versions via our new competence center in Brazil.


Handle, connection screws as well as fastening screws are all included in the delivery contents. An extensive family of accessories completes the offer.

Safe switching operations with updated technology

The CAPUS®Panel series is very versatile. Improved technical properties, a new design and a complete family of accessories make the new switch range efficient and attractive. With the CAPUS®Panel S32 switch-disconnector and the CAPUS®Panel BB32 changeover switch, Wöhner is now offering two powerful, compact and fully equipped new models.


Wide variety for maximum flexibility

The CAPUS®Panel S32 switch-disconnector for the range from 160–3150 A is available in five different sizes and as 3-pole, 3+N-pole and 4-pole variants. The S32 switch is particularly suitable for applications with higher rated currents. The rated voltage is 690 V, the short-circuit withstand capacity current reaches up to 50 kA. And there is a conditional rated short-circuit current of up to 100 kA.

For the CAPUS Panel® S32 switch-disconnector, a total of 26 different versions with 31 accessory components are available. Two pilot switches can be used per device.



The CAPUS®Panel BB32 changeover switch, as a connection between two switch-disconnectors, features the same basic properties and design data as the CAPUS Panel S32 and gives users significantly more flexibility. This device comes in four different sizes. It can be used with or without connection rails. As with the S32, the rated voltage is also 690 V, the rated current ranges from 160–1600 A. This switch is offered in 3 and 3+N-pole versions; the short-circuit withstand capacity current reaches up to 32 kA. The family was fully tested in accordance with the latest standard IEC 60947-6-1 Ed.2021.
For the CAPUS Panel BB32, a total of 14 versions with 31 accessory components are available.

Complete overview
CAPUS®Panel overview
If necessary, this extensive selection can be expanded further with special versions. In a separate new competence centre for special queries in Brazil, Wöhner bundles its competencies in the area of Panel switches and can implement customer-specific requirements, e.g., 6-pole and 8-pole switch-disconnectors or, for the CAPUS®Panel BB32 changeover switch, the installation of the switches next to one another or the mounting of 3 switches together.



To simplify the work of the installer, the connection screws as well as the screws for fastening are included in the delivery contents of the S32 and BB32.




"The two new members of the CAPUS®Panel switch family produced in Brazil expand the range of applications considerably. Our Brazilian centre of excellence offers the best possible prerequisites for the development of even smarter solutions for every need and bring them to market." — Philipp Steinberger, CEO Wöhner

Extensive range of accessories

A large family of accessories is available for the switches of the CAPUS®Panel series. This includes an emergency-stop version with red and yellow handle, door coupling rotary drives in different versions in graphite grey, as well as extension shafts and terminal compartment covers, connection rails, a pilot switch for monitoring the switch position and connection terminals.