EQUES®185POWER Basic System Adapter

The bridge to the CrossBoard®- world for the 185Power busbar

The new EQUES®185Power basic system adapter enables innovative solutions in combination with the 185Power 185-mm busbar system that were not previously possible. All CrossBoard® components can be snapped onto the basic system adapter easily and tool-free via the CrossLink® interface.


Different system environments thereby grow together and the end products can be used in either system. Even components for DIN rails, such as fuse holders (e.g., for switch cabinet lighting), can be mounted on the basic system adapter.

The advantages


Simple mounting and wiring. The basic system adapter is mounted on the busbar system using either terminal clamps or screw connections. Devices from the CrossBoard® system environment are then mounted on the basic system adapter tool-free with a simple click.


Diverse adaption possibilities for a broad range of applications as well as simple expansion and modification options characterise the 185Power and CrossBoard® systems and, consequently, the EQUES®185POWER basic system adapter as a bridge between these two systems. The cable exit provides additional flexibility – either on the top or bottom of the basic system adapter.


Tidy and compact installation through the CrossBoard® technology of the basic system adapter. Moreover, up to three current transformers can be integrated directly in the basic system adapter – without any additional space requirements.

Breaking down the borders

The innovation for 185Power in low voltage distribution: The EQUES®185Power basic system adapter with CrossLink® interface enables the use of all CrossBoard® components on the 185Power 185-mm busbar system.


The new adapter platform was developed to replicate two CrossBoard® interfaces – each with a width of 100 mm – on the 185Power system and which can each be operated with a rated current of 160 A. This allows a number of products to be used "directly" on the large busbar system from Wöhner::

  • Up to two 160 A circuit breakers via the EQUES®CrossBoard adapter
  • Motor protection switches or motor-starter combinations
  • Electronic components such as the BROOME10® power supply, the OMUS® hybrid switch for resistive loads or the motor starters from the MOTUS® series
  • Up to 4 QUADRON® NH-000 NH fuse-switch-disconnectors
  • CRITO® connection modules (variable solutions for feeding and tappings).



Two CrossBoard® interfaces, each 100 mm wide for the 185Power 185-mm busbar system, 2 x 160 A.

Available with either terminal or screw connection.


Simplicity as a principle

Maximum ease of mounting was at the center of the development of our two system environments, 185Power and CrossBoard®. And the EQUES®185Power basic system adapter for combining these two systems is as simple as you might imagine: It can be mounted on the 185Power busbar system with terminal or screw connection using three different methods: either by means of terminal clamp on the busbar – with or without CrossLink®touch-safe protection covers – or with a screw type terminal on prepared rails.


The CrossBoard® devices are snapped onto the basic system adapter itself easily and tool-free, just as they would on a regular CrossBoard®. The electrical connection is performed automatically. For safety reasons, a screwdriver is needed to remove CrossBoard® devices, thereby preventing the accidental removal of components. Components for DIN rails, such as fuse holders, can also be mounted on the basic system adapter.




The new EQUES®185POWER basic system adapter makes it possible to create completely new solutions. The CrossBoard® devices can now be seamlessly installed in 185Power systems for applications with low rated currents. Among other things, the wide range of CrossBoard® products from Wöhner includes:


  • NH fuse-switch-disconnector, size 000
  • Connection modules for leads up to 50 mm2
  • Adapter for miniature circuit breakers up to 63 A
  • Adapter for monitoring relays or voltage monitors + adapter for circuit breakers up to 160 A
  • Electronic switches for heaters up to 25 A
  • Electronic motor starters for motors up to 3 kW
  • Power supplies up to 10 A


Available separately as accessories for the basic system adapter itself are terminal clamps for the busbar system without system cover, a selection of current transformers (two precision classes, different transformation ratios) as well as cable holders for installing current transformers.



"With our new basic system adapter, we have the possibility to install all components that users use in the automation sector or in control cabinet construction, even on the 185Power busbar, e.g., motor starters, circuit breakers or monitoring relays. Thus, a system technology originally envisioned for the power distribution sector is also interesting for machine building." — Philipp Steinberger, CEO Wöhner